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By Appointment To Her Majesty The Queen, Supplier Of Executive Toilet Hire, Event-a-Loo Ltd, Lanarkshire

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Hire
Event-a-Loo (or hereinafter the “Company”) conduct all their business in accordance with the following conditions of hire, unless otherwise amended in writing by the “Company”.
The Customer (or hereinafter called the “Hirer”) means the person hiring the equipment from the “Company”.
The hire charges only include Event-a-Loo Staff whilst erecting and dismantling, or by prior arrangement with the “Company”.
The hire charges are based on the assumption that the site is flat, level and of solid standing with suitable access for the equipment.
That the “Company” is informed of underground pipework, underground and overhead electric cables, or any thing that may be in close proximity to the designated site.
To indemnify the “Company” from any costs incurred in correcting any faults regarding the previous sentence and making good any damaged caused.
The “Hirer” will be responsible for any loss or damage caused whether malicious or otherwise during the period of hire, this is to include cigarette burns to carpets.
Please note that if there is at anytime a power failure, the equipment should not be used or powered by any secondary form until a consultation has been had with the “Company”
No candles are to be used in them at any time.
Any blockages within the equipment caused by Hand Towels or Sanitary Towels which should be disposed of within the wastepaper bins provided will incur an extra charge.
The “Company” will not be responsible for, and will be indemnified by the “Hirer” against any claim or claims for injury to persons, loss or damage to property or possessions.
The “Company” accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of any malfunction of the equipment if the duration of the hire or numbers utilising the equipment exceeds that stated in the quotation.
The Equipment and accessories remain the property of the “Company” at all times and the “Hirer” will allow the company reasonable access to the equipment during the hire period. The “Hirer” will not sublet or re-hire the equipment without the written permission of the Company. The “Hirer” will not remove from the site or re-position the equipment from where it was delivered or consigned without agreement in writing by the “Company”.
The Hire charge and delivery charge and collection charges for the equipment will be as specified within the quotation as will also be the period of hire and the maximum numbers utilising the equipment.
On cancellation of booking 60% of the fee will be payable if more than three weeks prior to the event but full payment will be due if less than three weeks.   A deposit will be charged to secure the booking and is non refundable.
If collection of the equipment is delayed beyond the recorded date for any reason i.e. marquee restricting access etc., the “Company” reserves the right to charge further  percentage of hire additional to original hire and if loss of a further booking due to the equipment being unavailable, a full hire charge will be invoiced.


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