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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to provide a unit?

The cost depends on the type and size of unit selected from the range available. As each event is unique a quote specific to the event is provided once a discussion has taken place to ascertain the customer’s requirements.

When will the unit arrive?

We normally deliver 2 or 3 days prior to the event. A delivery schedule will normally be discussed with the customer to accommodate all parties involved in the setting up.

Will the venue be suitable?

The venue should be as level as possible, although the units can be adjusted to accommodate a gradual slope. The site should also be easily accessible given the height and width of the units. If there is any doubt then we would normally carry out a site visit.

What facilities are required to operate the unit once on site?

The units operate with a 13 amp supply or a 16 amp where a generator is required(Generators can be supplied on request). It is recommended that the 13 amp supply is solely dedicated to the toilet unit to ensure an uninterrupted source of power at all times. Water and drainage facilities are not required as the units are fully self contained. Should the duration of the event involve more than 1 day then the unit will require to be serviced, but this will be discussed at the time of the enquiry.

Can the unit be incorporated within the marquee?

Yes, the units are now more commonly built into the marquee structure. The marquee company will normally be able to advise on the size of structure required.

Is there a smell?

The units are all supplied to the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness and our reputation has been built of providing this service. Provided the unit is used in line with the recommended number of guests then there should be no unpleasant smell.

How will the units be delivered?

The units will be delivered by means of a 4x4 vehicle and sited to your preferred requirements where possible. Specially adapted tractors are used for the siting of the single chemical units where access does not allow the use of the vehicle and trailer.

What if a breakdown arises during the event?

In the rare event of a technical difficulty our staff are trained to provide support at all times by means of 24/7 support line. Should additional assistance be required then an engineer will be despatched to the venue immediately. It is also possible that a member of our staff will automatically be in attendance to oversee the event.